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May 12, 2012

So, I was just leaving a message for my son Kyle, playing a classical ├ętude I'm working on. He was gracious to volunteer to listen (later). The idea is that with classical pieces, especially memorized repertoire, ones psychology works differently when one knows (or sees) that someone else is listening. It's a fact. Basically you don't really know the piece until you've messed up in front of someone and then corrected your mistakes!

So I'm playing the piece and of course I make a mistake. I'm speaking into the phone going, "dang-it, lemme start over" and kept playing... etc.

Well here's the kicker, the message time had run out and NO ONE WAS LISTENING. But that didn't (truly) matter because I THOUGHT SOMEONE WAS. So my mind continued to play tricks on me and I made errors in my performance that I had not made when practicing alone.

So here's the point (though I'll admit I've taken the long and really strange way...)

I once believed that there is no such thing as being born Gay. I now believe that people who say "I was born Gay," were (remember what I stated above, "Perception is reality") absolutely born Gay.

Go ahead. Prove me wrong.

Good for the dialogue!

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