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July 25, 2009

Latest Work from Tony the Homeless Poet


How would you thank the Creator of the heavens and the earth,

the sky and the sea?

The One who breathed life into a sinner like me

One who always forgives me whenever I go astray

and works through others to let me know it's gonna be okay

Unconditional love, mercy and never shows favoritism

And all He asks is to obey the commandments that He has given

We get so caught up in pleasing ourselves

And want all the worldly possessions we can get just for show and tell

And on Sundays we give Him one day of praise

And He gave His only begotten Son so our lives would be saved

And I scream "I love the Lord" twenty-four hours a day

But my actions show different because of His laws I break

Now we don't break them on purpose, nor do we plan it

But I can only speak for me when I say I sometimes take Him for granted

But the loving God He is, He still stays by my side

So I just wanna say thank You and I love You

And help me to live more wise.

Tony W. Hall, homeless poet

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July 13, 2009

hey, wanna come hang out backstage in Sweden?

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July 04, 2009

Dance Jam Session in Nynashamn, Sweden [video clip]

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